About Us

Universal Non-Violence is Unity, Peace, and Harmony. Mahatma Gandhi said Non-Violence is mean to achieve peace. Non-Violence Peace Foundation (NPF) is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’s movement and his 150th Birthday. Gandhi’s practice and experimented with 18 constructive work and belief in Karma Yoga.

All 17 Goals of Sustainable Development Goals (Goals 2030) of the United Nations are on the line with Gandhi’s constructive work and his idea of Self Sufficient and Self Reliance. NVPF come into existence to contribute and support the Sustainable Development Goal agenda of 2030 led by the United Nation.

People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity, and Partnership are the core value and focus of the NVP Foundation. NVPV meant to ensure all individuals or the grassroots organization which are contributing towards the goal can get enough resources and training to bring changes in the community and become change agent of society to serve humanity. Peace, Non-Violence, Nature, and Agriculture are solutions to all problems in the world. These are also pillars of the Non-Violence Peace Foundation.

We are a group of people and organizations around the world come together to ensure the implementation of these solutions in community and society.

Somen DevnathTravelling 2004 to 2023
Dnyaneshwar YewatkarTravelling 2016 - 2025
Raj PhandenTravelling 2017 to 2030
Prashant and BenWorld Peace Ambassador